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1 Aluminum (7075) Classic Liner/Shader Frame (Style 1)


Frames are CNC Machined from a solid block of 7075 Aluminum in house.

Classic style meshed with modern function. Every effort was taken to make these compact and light while maintaining structural rigidity.

Frames feature the following-

* 1" Coil Size with Yoke or Yoke/Base Combo.

*Solid One Piece Construction

*2 Degree Spring Deck Angle

*Drilled for a classic Shader Front Binder position, but also includes a "spot" for the recommended Liner position. If a Liner is desired, the spot allows the user to drill out the Liner position with ease. The math has been done, and gives the option to make either a Liner or Shader out of one frame.

*Inside corner Radii throughout where the Spring Deck and Base intersect with the Sideplate. This shores the structural rigidity of the entire frame with minimal weight addition.

*Frame weight is 24g.

*All threads are 8-32, and are Form Tapped. This differs from traditional cut taps and does not remove material in the tapping process. The threads are formed via deforming the material, which results in a stronger/longer lasting thread.

*Supplied in a Smooth Tumbled state. These frames are raw Aluminum, and ready for any finish.

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