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Base and Deck Set (Style 2) ***Deep Base Nine Option***

$100.00 - $320.00

*Sold as sets only.
A Set defined as 1 Base, and 1 matching Spring Deck.

*Deep Base Nine Option. Will work on all standard coil sizes.
Overall vise depth is .65" from coil deck to bottom of vise.

*Pictured raw, but finished products ship in the tumbled state. All hard corners are softened, no mill marks are visible, and these are ready for easy finishing.

*8/32 Threads
All threads are Form Tapped.
Formed threads are much stronger then the "standard" cut threads. These threads will hold up better over time, extending the service life of the Machine.

*Relief Groove in coil side. This helps aid in easy clamping of many types of tubes, as well as reduces stress induced during the clamping of tubes.

*Coil Holes are Counterbored so that screw heads sit flush to the bottom of the base. This is dependent on the type of screw used, but most standard screws sit flush.

All parts are made of Low Carbon Steel.

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