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Brass Binder Blanks

$57.50 - $325.00 / Sold Out

Brass Binder Blanks.

Made to the same specs as my other binders, but left with a 3/8" diameter all the way down the length so they can be customized to your own designs.

All threading, hole spacing, and lengths already machined. All that needs to be done is to customize shape. The hard part is done.

*Also can be used as is.

*Designed to fit as many machines as possible.

*8-32 Threads

*Front Binder
.61" Overall length
.32" from larger diameter side to center of contact threads.

*Back Binder
Stubby design, .45" overall length. Drilled for both horizontal and vertical binder set-ups.

*One set defined as 1 front binder and 1 back binder.

Made in the USA in my shop, quality on all my products is paramount.

Want to purchase volume and enjoy better pricing...Or need blanks made to your own length/specs? Contact me at [email protected] for volume pricing and custom orders.