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1 Brass Diet Classic Liner/Shader Frame Style 4


Frames are CNC Machined from a solid block of Brass in house.

Classic style meshed with modern function. Every effort was taken to make these compact and light while maintaining structural rigidity.

Frames feature the following-

* 1 1/4" Overall Coil Size, can be used with either of the following configurations-
- 1 1/8" Coil Cores with an 1/8" Yoke.
- 1" Coil Cores with a 1/4" Yoke.

*Spring Deck Angle is 2.5 Degrees

*Solid One Piece Construction

*Recess area on inside of the Sideplate to accommodate larger Capacitors.

*Counterbored Coil Holes so screw heads don't protrude from the bottom of the frame. This adds some comfort as screw heads don't interfere with the hand.

*Side relief on the Vise for easy operation, long service life, and the ability to accommodate all tubes Stainless and Plastic.

*Geometry designed to fit Cutback Liners to B+G Shaders.

*Inside corner Radii throughout all intersections. This shores the structural rigidity of the entire frame with minimal weight addition.

*Diet versions, Frame weight is 91g.

*All threads are 8-32, and are Form Tapped. This differs from traditional cut taps and does not remove material in the tapping process. The threads are formed via deforming the material, which results in a stronger/longer lasting thread.

*Supplied as pictured in a Smooth Tumbled state. These frames are raw Brass, and ready for any finish.

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