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10/Pack Of Spring Decks (Stand Alone)


Stand Alone Spring Decks made in Low Carbon Steel.

*Spring Decks made to fit with our Base Standard.

*Dimensions are as follows-
.25" Thick x .55" Wide x .7" Long.

*Decks are machined and Tumbled on all sides, unlike most which are cheaply made by leaving 4 out of 6 sides nominal bar stock.

*All holes are chamfered.

*Rounded back corner for a cleaner look and comfort.

*Two Clipcord holes.

*All threads are 8-32, and are Form Tapped. This differs from traditional cut taps and does not remove material in the tapping process. The threads are formed via deforming the material, which results in a stronger/longer lasting thread.

*Supplied in a Raw/Tumbled State and ready for finishing.

*Please contact us via [email protected] for orders outside the USA or for volume orders/discounts over 100pcs.