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5/Pack Raw Wing Nut Style 1 (For Brazing In Custom Thread Length)

$41.25 - $67.50

Raw Steel Wingnut Style 1

*Meant to be combined with threaded rod to create a custom length Wingscrew.

*Features counterbore designed around an off the shelf size Brazing Rod.
-Brazing Rod (McMaster Part #7761A17)
-Flux (McMaster Part #7693A2)
-Use Threaded Set Screws and adjust to desired length (McMaster Part #91375A199)
-Bend Brazing Rod around a .145" Diameter Rod for proper size Brazing Rings.

*Designed to be used as a Vise Chuck Key.

*8/32 Rolled Threads.
Formed threads are much stronger then the "standard" cut threads. These threads will hold up better over time, extending the service life of the Wingnut.

*Thread depth is 1/2".

*Built in 3/8" Diameter Washer.

*Please email [email protected] for volume discounts over 10pcs or orders outside the USA.