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Hybrid Base And Deck Set V1

$160.00 - $520.00

*Sold as sets only.
A Set defined as 1 Base(Swingate Pre Installed), and 1 matching Spring Deck.
(Stainless Steel Press Pin and Spring Included)

*Hybrid of Swingate and Guillotine Vises.

*Products ship in the tumbled state. All hard corners are softened, no mill marks are visible, and these are ready for easy finishing.

*Swingate is pre-finished in Black Oxide, but can be painted/powder coated over if desired. Swingate comes pre-installed with Stainless Steel press pin.

*8/32 Threads
All threads are Form Tapped.
Formed threads are much stronger then the "standard" cut threads. These threads will hold up better over time, extending the service life of the Machine.

*Swingate is under spring tension and opens automatically when vise screw is loosened.

*Not responsible for damage from removing stainless steel press pin.

Are parts are made of Low Carbon Steel.

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