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10 Pack Of Pure Iron Abars (1.625" Length)

$60.00 - $450.00 / Sold Out

Abars made from same Pure Iron Material as all my Coil Cores.

1.625" Length of Bar, .312" Length of Nipple

8-32 Threaded Hole .25" to center from the back of the Abar.

All Armature Bars are made from American Pure Iron (99.8% FE) specifically engineered for use in DC Electromagnets. Abars come finished in Black Oxide for corrosion resistance.

Unlike many other suppliers who must outsource their products to machine shops and play more of a middle man role, mine are machined in house on my CNC machines which allows for greater quality control.

Please Email me at [email protected] for volume discounts greater then 100 pieces