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10/Pack Of Pure Iron Abar Screws


Screws made out of the same Pure Iron Material we make our Cores and Abars out of.

These screws are made from Pure Iron material. Pure Iron is a very soft material, and care must be exercised while tightening them. The correct Flathead Screwdriver size must be used so that there is no slop. They can be damaged if not installed with care.

*Screws are to be used on Abars without the need for any additional hardware.

*This fills the void in the Abar with the same material removed in for the 8/32 Spring Hole. The Abar becomes solid Pure Iron once again.

*Compatible with any combination of .018" and/or .020" Springs.

*Built in Knurled 3/8" Washer.

*Machined to an exact length to fill the void in the Abar while securing the Spring Set.

*Has a locating boss on the underside that automatically centers the springs.

*Please contact us via [email protected] for orders outside the USA or for volume orders/discounts over 100pcs.