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Jay Kelly Front Loader Swingate Bolt-On Replacement Vise (Black Oxide Finish)

$50.00 - $200.00 / Sold Out

Designed by Jay Kelly

Replacement Vise made of Steel and finished in Black Oxide.

Two piece Swingate design will grab any size tube plastic or Stainless Steel.

Built in spring opens/closes vise as vise key is adjusted.

Comes with all hardware pictured to bolt-on and go.

Slotted coil holes allows it to fit almost any machine, not aware of any this won't fit.

Designed to be mounted on top of or under any coil deck and still operate.

Base thickness is 3/16", vise thickness is just over 1/2".

Black Oxide can be painted over, or wire wheeled off so base can be welded/brazed to a sideplate.

*****Do not over tighten empty tube vise*****