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Solid Aluminum Machine Stand


Solid 6061 Aluminum Machine Stand

***Tattoo Machines not included***

*Machined from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum.

*Finished In Pewter Grey Anodize.

*Dimensions 1" x 3" x 10" with 1" tall posts.

*Accommodates four coil or rotary machines.

*Weight is 3lbs. (Won't tip over when loaded with machines)

*Accommodates many mounting options.

*Very robust/Built to last a lifetime.

Mounting Options-

*Magnetic Vertical Mount
-Supplied with four Neodymium Magnetic rubber coated feet.
-Easily holds weight of four machines without slipping or scratching mounting surface.

*Benchtop Mount
-Also supplied with four non-magnetic rubber feet for use on flat surfaces.
-Will not slip or scratch mounting surface. (Tables/Benchtops/Workbenches/Etc).

*Hard Mount
-Supplied with eight 8/32 tapped holes and four 1/4"-20 tapped holes for permanent mounting to any surface.

*Please email [email protected] for volume discounts or orders outside the USA.